What It Takes to Make Love

A recipe for commitment Jessica and Nick overlooked

A virgin bride
put faith aside
to be seduced by fame.
For young Ms. Simpson
marriage was
a made-for-TV game.

A Saintless Nick
with abs of brick
paved Jessica’s success.
But while they played
their marriage was a mess.

The Newlyweds
claimed skill in bed,
but making love is more
than what takes place
between the sheets.
The way you really score

is saying no
when work says go
and leave your spouse for weeks.
It’s staying true
when one night stands
are what your passion seeks.

You score big time
when you unwind
and hold each other close
to watch the news
or share your dreams
while sipping hot Red Rose.

True love is made
when feelings fade
and beauty bows to age.
It’s made when you
live out “I do”
and pay commitment’s wage.

Love’s recipe
it seems to me
requires more than thyme.
It’s time well spent
with just a hint
of more of yours than mine.