I’m Dreaming of a Right Christmas

Examining the injustice of religious tolerance

I’m dreaming of a right Christmas
when those who love the left
will hate the freedoms then allowed
of which I’m now bereft.

Like seeing live nativities
lit up on city squares
or saying “Merry Christmas, sir”
without it seeming rare.

Like hearing carols at the mall
instead of “winter songs.”
Why is it Frosty rates so high?
Is Silent Night so wrong?

It’s bad that I can’t find Good Yule
on Hallmark greeting cards
while Hanukkah and Kwanzaa ones
are there. It’s so bizarre.

The Christians’ fest is pot-shot prone
chalked up to tolerance.
Yet other faiths are bullet-proof.
I think that’s kinda nuts.

The liberty to practice faith
is guaranteed to most.
But if it’s thought you’re born-again,
you might as well be toast.

And so I dream of Christmases
that won’t be a nightmare.
A day when what the law allows
is true for freedom’s heirs.