In Search of Noah’s Ark

Why Seattle-ites are so uptight about what’s falling down

The Emerald City’s REALLY green.
I think you know just what I mean.
There’s water (WATER) everywhere
and no relief in sight.

I overheard Al Roker claim
Seattle can expect more rain.
But that was four long weeks ago
and still it hasn’t stopped.

This constant rain is getting old.
My wrinkled feet are growing mold.
I think I’m growing gills as well
along with fish-like scales.

We soon will need old Noah’s boat
to try and keep us all afloat
atop mud puddles large as lakes
that flood new land each day.

It’s for the birds (especially ducks).
This liquid sunshine really sucks.
But like so much we hate in life,
it gives us cause to grow.

So here’s to patience while it pours
and to those things we do indoors.
Like playing Scrabble with my wife
and reading to my kids.

Dear Lord, please end this rainy streak
before Qwest Field begins to leak
and Seahawks players and their fans
watch victory drift downstream.