A New Kind of Cowboy

Why Brokeback Mountain is more than a mole hill

This cowboy doesn’t bunk down
by the campfire with his horse.
On his ride up Brokeback Mountain,
he has blazed another course.

His lassos aren’t for ladies.
With his hemp he ropes in men.
“Howdy pardner,” is his greeting
as he goes from chaps to skin.

His trail is snagged by brambles
as those tumbleweeds abound.
They are moral roots uprooted
windblown freely on the ground.

The gay rights left agenda
is behind this film it seems
with a plot of same-sex romance
tween two wranglers wearing jeans.

Bring back westerns we grew up on
where the cowpoke gets the girl
on the streets of Dodge not Sodom.
Where John Wayne loves Eve not Earl.