Praying with Mother Liberty

Approaching the National Day of Prayer poetically

With Liberty we lift our hands
beseeching God to bless our land
and guide our leaders to a place
where righteousness prevails.

With Liberty we stand erect
although ashamed and circumspect
about the countless times we’ve failed
to stand for what is right.

With Liberty we raise a flame
confessing that we are to blame
for how we’ve bowed to tolerance
and closed our eyes to truth.

With Liberty we dodge the tide
that splashes us from side to side
and keep our heads above the fray
that harbors culture’s lies.

With Liberty we clutch a book
without concern for how we look
when critics see us with God’s Word
and simply roll their eyes.

With Liberty we lift our eyes
and look into the spacious skies
to seek God’s vision and His peace
and focus on His grace.