Radio Delilah Rocks America to Sleep

How a woman of faith redeems a notorious name

Quite unlike old Samson’s lover,
she is honest, wise and kind.
She gives comfort to love’s victims
and clear vision when love’s blind.

To those bound by guilt’s deception,
to those shorn by loneliness,
this Delilah speaks compassion
with advice that’s aimed to bless.

Though her life is hardly perfect,
though she’s failed more than she’s won,
she’s a means of grace to millions
when each day is nearly done.

Yes, Delilah has a calling.
She routinely speaks of God
and His undeserved acceptance
that redeems rejects and frauds.

From her radio cathedral,
she gives homilies each night.
And she hears heart-felt confessions
from the lovelorn and uptight.

This unorthodox good shepherd
claims a growing faithful flock
who feel nurtured and protected
through her music, wit and talk.

[Actual letter from Delilah in response to this poem] Thank you for the kind words!

Trust me, for there are many areas of my life that are still in keeping with my namesake’s demeanor…

But I praise my Lord each and every day that He loves me unconditionally, That His blood was shed for my sins, That He paid the price on the cross that I might not have to pay the price for my many mistakes, sins and short comings… That He has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and allowed me the privilege to enter into His presence… That I have beautiful children who know Him in a real way… And that my life is filled with amazing friends and lots of love.

Should He call me home tomorrow, I will know that I have been blessed more than any person I have ever met, because I know the condition of my heart and I know I don’t deserve any of the wonderful things I have enjoyed. But I hope He allows me to stick around another 55 years and have fun on this planet that He created just for our good pleasure!

If you should share any words about me with your congregation, share that I am a sinner amongst sinners…I have compromised my values and myself dozens of times, even after having made a commitment to the Lord…and yet I know His love is the greatest force in the universe…and I will ever praise His name.
Best Wishes,Delilah (my older brother’s name was Matthew Mark Luke; my parentshad a sick sense of humor…)