Cracking the Code

Exposing the true secret about Jesus

The Church has kept a secret
two thousand years or so.
It has the truth that’s been withheld
from those who need to know.

But unlike Dan Brown’s fiction
that claims Christ had a son,
the secret that has not been shared
is that He is “The One.”

The one who is our Savior.
The only way to God.
The one who died and then was raised,
though some call him a fraud.

And still the doubters wonder
if He can cleanse their guilt.
But when they’re asked to spill the beans,
most Christians start to wilt.

And so this truth stays hidden
from millions in the dark
who are quite clueless of St. John,
of Matthew, Luke and Mark.

It’s time the code was broken.
This secret must be told.
If Jesus is the only way,
His people must be bold.

So don’t boycott the movie.
It’s good you have a look.
Unless, of course, you’ve made a point
of reading Dan Brown’s book.

Me thinks The Code’s a blessing.
Can you remember when
so many skeptics pondered Christ?
Let dialogs begin.