Brothers and Sisters, Meet My Dad

The son of a preacher man introduces us to his pastor-father

There’s a man I take pride introducing.
I’m told that we look quite alike.
And the reason is simple. We’re family.
He taught me to ride my first bike.

Though I’m taller, I’m dwarfed by his stature.
I always will look up to him.
He’s the source of sage wisdom and counsel.
He’s my father, but also my friend.

I’m content to just stand in his shadow
while some seek the sunlight of fame.
I know that those rays can be toxic.
My father’s approval’s my aim.

Though he’s eighty and battling cancer,
the glint in his eye signals hope.
After all, this Marine’s a survivor.
And besides that, his faith helps him cope.

It’s a faith I’ve seen modeled for decades
on the frontlines of daily routines.
He battles temptations to worry
no matter how stressful life seems.

It’s a faith that he preached as a pastor
when my brother and I were both small.
I have witnessed his gifts in the pulpit.
He helped me discover God’s call.

And so on this day just for fathers
it gives me much pleasure to say,
“Our preacher this morning’s my hero.
May God’s grace flow through him today.”

The above poem was written by Greg as a creative way to introduce his father who is the guest preacher at Mercer Island Covenant  Church in suburban Seattle (where Greg is the senior pastor) on Fathers Day 2006.