You’ve Got Mail!

A familiar phrase is an invitation to hear God speak

My laptop spoke to me today
as I clicked AOL.
A voice that I have come to love
responded “You’ve got mail!”

Before my eyes a list appeared
derived from cyberspace.
And as I opened what was sent,
I witnessed God’s sweet grace.

One e-mail came from my dear dad
who’s plagued by chronic pain.
He simply said he’d prayed for me
and hoped I’d do the same.

Another came from one I know
who’s wife walked out last year.
He told me how he’d found the Lord.
His words were most sincere.

And then a guy I’ve never met
surprised me with a note.
He said he’d found encouragement
from something that I wrote.

A screen name I had never seen
intrigued me so I clicked.
It was a poem aimed to heal
the hurts of those heartsick.

A widow from our church e-mailed
to say she’d been quite low.
But then she said she’d found a friend
and thought I’d like to know.

Each e-mail felt as if the Lord
was messaging to me.
I was affirmed and filled with faith
as I read prayerfully.

And so when I hear “You’ve got mail!”
you shouldn’t think it odd
that I perk up and sit right down
prepared to hear from God.