Gibson’s Fall from Grace

Why it pays to beware of what trips us up

Jesus isn’t Mel’s sole passion.
Seems he has another thirst.
His rye humor isn’t funny.
Guess the bottle’s Gibson’s curse.

Having tripped, the star’s now tarnished.
Critics of his faith take aim.
Mel is now an easy target.
Such a fall has left him lame.

But before you start to judge him,
look inside your “righteous” gown.
Chances are you have your issues
that caused Christ his thorny crown.

Bathed in blood, we are forgiven.
Still we’re flawed and prone to sin.
Every day we need God’s power
to resist the beast within.

So before you act so smugly,
pray for Mel. Admit your need.
There but by God’s grace we stumble
tripped by ego, lust and greed.