Remembering Joe Lieberman

The Connecticut senator is a casualty of war

The fall campaigns are heating up
as conflicts brew and then erupt.
There’s hatred lobbed like hand grenades
by those denouncing Bush.

What once was in Iraq alone
can now be found right here at home.
The front lines are dividing us.
The war’s become a war.

Joe Lieberman’s a casualty
thanks to the likes of Hillary
who take their aim
and shoot their mouths
at those who back our boys.

And all the while our troops fight on
confused by those who wag their tongues
creating sound bites for the news
that question freedom’s fight.

Have we forgot what got us there?
To combat terror everywhere?
Perhaps that’s why support once voiced
has blown apart to bits.

It’s time insurgents dropped their arms
lest troop morale sustain more harm
and party politics succeed
in slaughtering goodwill.