Look Who’s Turning Sixty!

The baby boomers reach metal age

Sixty years ago this year
a boom in babies made it clear
that while the war had come and gone
there was no peace at night.

A longing for her ample breast
kept mothers from nocturnal rest
as babies born in ’46
cried out like drunks for drink.

And now those milk-fed babes are old
with silver hair and teeth of gold.
Because there’s lead within their pants,
we call them metal age.

Both Bush and Clinton lead the way
as thousands join the club each day
to face those sixty sticks of wax
that grace a birthday cake.

This is The Donald’s Six-Oh year
and Dolly Parton, even Cher.
I guess that helps us realize
that sixty still is young.

And yet the speed at which life flies
reminds us that the year we’ll die
is closer than it’s been before.
So we had best prepare.