The Truth About JonBenet Blind Justice Finally Saw

Taking comfort in God’s ability to bring the truth to light

It looked like Harvey Oswald
as they led Mark Karr away.
The slight-framed former teacher
who some think killed JonBenet.

But no Jack Ruby lunged ahead
to end this suspect’s life
the way their daughter’s gruesome death
snuffed out John Ramsey’s wife.

If only Patsy could have lived
to know Blind Justice saw.
Imagine living ten long years
with grief unscabbed and raw.

Imagine having people think
you killed your little girl.
A pint-size beauty pageant queen
with flashing eyes and curls.

Perhaps you too have been accused
of what you didn’t do.
If so you know that searing pain
that’s hidden from plain view.

And while it’s true that we may die
before the truth is found,
the headlines in the news today
mean justice can’t be bound.