Attempting to Tally the Sum and Substance of 9-11

A set of numbers that still doesn’t add up five years later

Five years ago two towers fell.
Four planes (like bullets) unleashed Hell.
One nation (fractured) under God
fell to its knees in prayer.

Ground Zero found us hand in hand
without the means to understand
how terrorists could rob us blind
and steal our innocence.

They looted unsuspecting lives
who tried in vain to just survive.
Those heartless, evil, godless thieves
killed thousands in one day.

But since that time they’ve stolen more.
Like brave young soldiers felled by war.
And peace of mind we had in spades
just sixty months ago.

And yet that peace can be regained,
if we refuse to focus blame
on anyone except those thugs
who hate the land we love.

United States, oh let us be
united, bound to all agree
that we are strongest when we fight
a common enemy.