Un-Holy Smoke

A call to kick an unhealthy habit

It brings me down to see you light up.
Why do you still smoke?
Cigarettes can give you cancer.
They can leave you broke.

Each one makes your nose a chimney.
Fills you lungs with tar.
They play havoc with your taste buds.
So do those cigars.

Little ones who watch you end up
following your lead.
Thanks to you they’re soon addicted
to this fatal weed.

And you leave your butt uncovered
there for all to see.
It’s indecent. It’s an eyesore.
Where’s your dignity?

Mother Nature trained you better.
Don’t ignite her ire.
Those who caravan with Camels
litter and start fires.

What is more, most smokers struggle
getting a deep breath.
When they try to do aerobics…
Ugh! …it feels like death.

So how ’bout it? Heed my fuming.
Ditch those coffin nails.
Set your future free from prison.
Make a break from jail.