Following the Doctor’s Orders

Why Dr. King’s prescription for racial inequality needs to be acted on

I think we’ve really come quite far
since Doctor MLK, JR
prescribed a medication
for our nation’s skin disease.

What Martin clearly diagnosed
reflects how quickly bias grows
when prejudice is overlooked
or countenanced as right.

The good Doc’s remedy was clear.
We start by looking in the mirror
and taking stock of how we tend
to justify our hate.

And then he said to exercise
(not with our legs but with our eyes)
by being blind to color
as we look at those God made.

But then the doctor left us quick.
He died when we were still quite sick.
And yet in the past forty years
we’re on the road to health.

Our skin disease is clearing up.
We’re drinking from a common cup.
And as we swallow pride,
we taste our true equality.