Old Man Winter Isn’t THAT Old

Why this incomparable season should be carded

Old Man Winter’s
not that old.
He’s still virile.
It’s so cold.

He’s not weak.
His strength is scary.
His bulging biceps
leave us wary.

Healthy lungs?
He lacks no breath.
When he coughs,
there’s brutal death.

Caution! When he
blows his nose,
arctic blasts
bring swirling snows.

This old man
still has his teeth.
When he bites
there’s no relief.

And his fingers
sure can reach.
From New York
to Newport Beach.

blizzards, icy roads.
He’s to blame.
He’s not that old.

If he tried
to buy some beer,
he’d be carded.
That’s quite clear.