Valentine Lessons from Forrest Gump

Commitment is the key to keeping love alive;
Astronomical Obsession

According to a guy named Gump,
no matter if you’re thin or plump,
your life is like boxed choc-o-late.
It’s a mystery.

You never know just what you’ll get
until you sink your teeth in it.
And if you like what you bit off,
it is ecstasy.

But if you get the kind you hate
and never chalk it up to fate,
you spit it out and choose one more.
“It’s my box!” you say.

But lasting love is not so picky
when what seemed sweet becomes quite icky.
You chew your choice and swallow pride.
It’s what you vowed you’d do.

It’s what commitment’s all about
so those in love need never doubt
the words once whispered long ago
with a heart in hand.

Astronomical Obsession

The gravity of reason
she defied at record speed
as she shuttled to Orlando in a car.
Wearing diapers (but no space suit),
Lisa Nowak sped from west to east.
Once a hero, she is now a fallen star.

Scrubbed by conscience, she persisted
on a mission fueled by rage
boosted with a rocket of pure jealousy.
With her pepper spray and bee-bees
she was armed to kill her threat.
Astronomical obsession, don’t you see?

Seems to me, lust is a current
that short-circuits how we think.
It can cause a brilliant mind to go berserk.
When you give your passions freedom
and just fixate on your wants,
you could likely lose your job and friends at work.