Da Bears from Halas Town

A slightly biased prediction of Super Bowl XLI

It’s not a myth
that Lovie Smith
knows how to wake da Bears.
Once hibernating carnivores
smell victory in the air.

Their lengthy sleep
made Bears fans weep.
But those days are now past.
Our victory dance is bowing down.
We’ve tears of joy at last.

While some thought Rex
had brought a hex,
he proved his critics wrong.
And come the fourth in Florida,
he’ll mesmerize the throng.

Miami isn’t Peyton Place.
His Colts are sure to be disgraced.
Those Indy horses are no match
for bears from Halas Town.

Although the poet now has the privilege of being the pastor of the church where the Seattle Seahawks head coach is a member, he and his family lived in the shadow of Chicago’s Soldier Field for more than a decade.