Idol Worship

The irony of American Idol’s popularity

Does America have idols?
Are you kidding? Where’ve you been?
We’ve a pantheon of talent
and their worship isn’t sin.

It’s amazing. It’s GIGANTIC!
It’s a treasure trove for Fox.
Every week the Idol faithful
watch the judges deem who rocks.

This phenom is nothing novel.
Some remember Major Bose.
Ted Mack also launched the gifted.
Ed McMahon had talent shows.

But there’s something here that’s different.
Stardom’s search is fever hot.
With a phone call we determine
whose a star and who is not.

Sure is fun to have the power
to decide which idol wins.
It’s the feeling of importance
that’s due each American.

Still, I’m feeling somewhat jaded.
For when all is said and done,
when it’s candidates (not idols)
too few vote or know who won.