A Grave Mistake

Unearthing Jesus is a seasonal disorder

The bones of Jesus in a box?
His wife and son as well?
If true, our faith is but a farce
and we’re all bound for hell.

For Heaven’s sake! This grave ordeal
is only “holy” hype.
It’s just the game Christ’s critics play.
You know their rules and type.

The headlines claim He didn’t rise.
It happens every year.
The media discredits faith
as Holy Week draws near.

The skeptics can’t accept the fact
that Easter might be true.
They dig up ways to make their case.
It’s really nothing new.

Unearthing Jesus is the goal
of those who won’t believe.
But, boy, it makes me sick inside.
It makes me want to heave.

I wonder what the Savior thinks
at being called a fake.
I’m sure it really breaks his heart.
Eternal life’s at stake.