The National Daze of Prayer

What’s left after the Christian Right prays?

May’s first Thursday marks the day
when those inclined take time to pray.
While millions do, far more do not
insisting it’s just hype.

“Come on. Get real. A day of prayer?
To live “In God We Trust” is rare.
There is no trust in Washington
and truth is up for grabs.”

I hear the cynics in my head.
“If God once lived, He now is dead.
No wonder kids are killed at school
and homelessness won’t die.”

They’re also dazed by what they see.
A camouflaged hypocrisy
where those who claim to speak for God
talk love but walk in hate.

No wonder critics just don’t care
about a yearly day of prayer.
And knowing that they feel that way,
we can’t just pray but act.

So help me, God. Cause what I do
to challenge what some think of You.
May they in time deny their doubts
and claim You’re in control.