With Praise for the Queen Mom

Heralding one mother’s regal worth

She gave me birth, a sense of worth
and the name by which I’m known.
My mother tucked me in at night
so I was not alone.

She helped me walk, taught me to talk
and she dabbed my tearstained face.
My mother’s love that would not quit
prepared me for God’s grace.

She let me go so I could grow
into all that I’ve become.
And on my own I realized
who I’d descended from.

My father’s wife who gave me life
is far more than I first thought.
She’s worth far more than all I own,
too priceless to be bought.

Without much rest, she did her best.
At long last I came to see
that it was not a piece of cake
to raise a child like me.

So on this day when children say
just how much their mothers mean,
“Hear ye, hear ye, my mom’s the best.
Her Majesty’s my Queen.”