A Farewell to Falwell

Remembering a Religious Icon

The Moral Majority all agree.
Jerry Falwell did well
but died too soon.
His fruitful life will continue to speak
though his silenced lips cannot.

From Thomas Road to Liberty,
this Baptist preacher helped us see
how true devotion to a cause
can reap big dividends.

He grew a church and college too
and then before Jim Bakker knew,
this Lynchburg televangelist
would rescue PTL.

His right-wing stance left some irate.
Sometimes his judgments (like his weight)
seemed way too heavy and unsafe.
He could be arrogant.

But far more good than ill was done
to help Christ’s Kingdom fully come.
He had his faults, but don’t we all.
In stumbling, he fell well.

The right has lost an advocate
who could be quite articulate.
But our entire country grieves.
A patriot has died.