Don’t Take Memorial Day for Granted

Granite headstones deserve to be decorated;
The American Idol Battle Royal

Don’t Take Memorial Day for Granted
Granite headstones deserve to be decorated.

They called it Decoration Day.
A chance each year to humbly say
how much we owe to those now gone
who blazed our freedom trail.

It is a day to leave our homes
and journey to a yard of bones
where those who served sleep six feet down
awaiting Gabriel’s horn.

It’s there we’ll place a plant or wreath
and think of those who lay beneath.
We’ll thank the Lord for what they did
to benefit our lives.

In cemeteries far and near
we’ll say a prayer and shed a tear
and count the cost of liberty
they paid on our behalf.

We’ll also grieve for moms and dads
recalling special times we had.
And we’ll resolve to spend less time
at work and more at home.

It is a somber holiday
which calls for more than rest and play.
It is for taking stock
of bonds that made us rich.The American Idol Battle RoyalBeauty and the Beatboxer have returned to their corners Blake and Jordin both are winnersEach has won the nation’s heart.Beauty and the Beatbox singerduked it out. They really sparred. And though Jordin got the knockout,Blake can hold his head up high.Wasn’t it a split decision?The gloves are off and both have pride.