A Prayer for Joe Anzack’s Parents

Memorial Day observances continue;
It’s Not the Ritz, Paris

A parent’s worst nightmare.
A proud soldier son
is ambushed and missing.
Not much can be done.

The Army goes searching
with little to say
while Joe Anzack’s parents
both worry and pray.

And then it’s reported,
he’s missing no more.
A body’s found floating.
A victim of war.

O God, grace Joe’s family
who ache to know why?
Why freedom’s so costly?
Why others must die?

Why sometimes You answer?
Why sometimes You’re still?
And why faith is needed to
trust in Your will?

It’s Not the Ritz, Paris

Room Service with a purpose.

Paris Hilton’s
Comfort Inn
is a place
to sleep off sin.

Grandpa Conrad’s
is a guest
without a key.

Bars on windows.
Striped PJs.
Endless nights
and sunless days.

Will her jail time
make her smart?
We can pray
that it’s a start.