Taking Cues from a Tiny Giant

Honoring the legacy of Seth Cook

His first name? Seth. His last name? Cook.
His old man face made people look.
His suffered from a rare disease
that made him age too soon.

And though at times some kids were rude,
Seth shrugged them off. His attitude
is one we all should emulate.
He chose to wear a smile.

That three foot giant died last week.
His death has caused our eyes to leak.
The wit and charm that Seth possessed
can’t fully be replaced.

We ache for what this boy endured.
The stinging taunts he likely heard.
The dreams he’d never realize.
The curse of being odd.

A precious lad whose years were few
was living proof that what we do
means even more than what we say.
Seth taught us how to live.

He even taught us how to die.
While voicing dreams, regrets and whys,
Seth faced the future unafraid.
He knew that death meant life.

O God, be near Seth’s mom and dad.
Because he’s gone, they’re feeling sad.
They miss their boy whose loving eyes
gave us a glimpse of You.