Listening to Freedom’s Cry

Something to ponder this 4th of July:
A Paris Vacation

The birth cry of Freedom
heard so loudly at first
from a baby delivered in pain
can’t be heard by deaf ears
in a nation at risk
that ignores those first sounds
to its shame.

What once moved us with passion
in decades long past
doesn’t grip us the way that it did.
Seems our hearts rarely race
while saluting the flag
like when pledging allegiance
as kids.

And the right to assemble,
to worship and vote
has become commonplace in our minds.
To the fact that we’re privileged
to do what we do
we’re clueless
and too often blind.

We all take wealth for granted.
We think we’re still poor.
We forget that most all of the earth
tends to struggle with basics
to just stay alive
while we minimize
what we are worth.

It seems we have forgotten
the 4th of July
isn’t just an excuse to have fun.
In addition to hot dogs
and cold Mac and Jacks
on the lake in the warm
summer sun,

we have good cause to gather
with family and friends
and thank God for the land of the free,
for all veterans who served
to assure us the right
to both practice
and prize liberty.

For the numberless options
and chances to choose
where to live, what to eat and to wear,
for the laws that protect us
from what is corrupt
and that shield us
from what isn’t fair.

For the peace on our home front
and allies abroad
and for soldiers who willingly fight
against forces of terror
with suicide bombs
who are dead-set
against human rights.

Let us thank God for Freedom
birthed so long ago
and the labor preceding her cry.
Let us ask Him to help us
again hear her voice
amid fireworks
in the night sky.

A Paris Vacation

It’s not what you think.

A Paris vacation.
I need one.
Don’t you?
Not flying Air France
but by fleeing the news.

Forget all the tabloids,
both print and TV.
We really don’t care
about Paris. Do we?

Let’s boycott all Hiltons.
Tent camping is best.
From Paris’s exploits,
we all need a rest.