A Cool Place on a Hot Day

A tribute to Chicago’s Wrigley Field

It is a place where ivy grows.
A field of dreams where Santo knows
that baseball fans of every team
can’t help but feel at home.

It is a park where home runs sail
when fly balls catch a west-east gale.
The Friendly Confines really are
when home team bats prevail.

It is a refuge near the Lake
with class and charm much like The Drake*
that calls to mind the glory years
that made Chicago great.

It is a storied stadium
the oldest park except for one
and that one boasts a monster green
where Boston’s Red Sox rule.

But give me Wrigley any day
where Lou Paniella’s Cubbies play
for win or lose in hot July
it’s cool just being there.

* The Drake is a historic luxury hotel on the lakefront in Chicago