The Shame of the Game

A big black eye on big league sports;
Lamenting for Lindsay and Her Friends

Wide world of sports? A globe of grief?
Hoop dreams are now nightmares.
Officially the NBA has done
what no one dared.

A referee who bets on games?
That’s tech-ni-cal-ly foul.
Just how much will the faithful take
before they toss the towel?

The NBA is not alone.
The NFL’s the same.
A quarterback who breaks the law
brings scandal to the game.

And what about the Tour de France?
Those cyclists are dopes.
They fail their drug tests right and left.
Their grade’s a break-neck slope.

And MLB is not home free.
It’s really dropped the ball.
The still let steroids on the field
as well as in Fame’s Hall.

It’s such a shame. These athletes
make millions every year.
It’s criminal. It’s scandalous.
Let’s blow the whistle! Hear?

Lamenting for Lindsay and Her Friends
A prayer for young celebrity addicts

A Paris adventure
is what Lindsay needs.
Her habit just won’t seem to break.
Perhaps spending time
behind bars (not in)
is what after all
it will take.

And maybe a Christian
to love her enough
and help her to understand grace.
To guide her to Jesus
and into His arms
where she’ll weep
in his loving embrace.

O God please save Lindsay
and Britney and those
who are bent on destroying their lives.
Help them come to the place
of admitting their need
so that sober and sane
they’ll survive.