High School Musical

Disney’s latest phenom is anything but Mickey Mouse

Have you seen High School Musical?
It’s really quite the rage.
No, not the one in which your kids
auditioned for the stage.

I’m thinking of those Disney flicks
There’s movie 1 and 2.
They’re rated G for really GOOD.
Like cookies and cold moo.

The dancing moves are synched and smooth.
The plot is squeaky clean.
As ego trips a boy named Troy
(and envy turns him green),

he stumbles but he doesn’t fall.
Stands up for what is right.
He dances with his base desires,
but bolts when conscience bites.

These Disney Channel movies are
refreshingly quite fresh.
Perhaps they signal changing trends.
Would you agree, John Tesh?

They teach kids morals, model skill
and prove you can have fun
by hanging with a group of friends
who don’t need drugs or guns.