A Modern Day Bathsheba

Exploring the injustices of L A mayor’s affair

What once took place has now again.
It’s David and Bathsheba’s sin.
The L A mayor had a tryst
with someone not his wife.

She was a young attractive thing
and he (with power like a king)
was helpless when it came to lust
and broke his wedding vows.

Amazingly, his life went on.
But not so for the one he’d wronged.
She was suspended from her job
and wore a scarlet “A.”

Imagine in this “P C” day
that justice could be raped that way.
It’s just not fair that women pay
while men get off scot free.

But that’s the way it’s always been.
There’s never equity with sin.
The pleasure soon gives way to pain
unevenly dispersed.

For in the case of David’s error
Bathsheba’s baby wasn’t spared.
And though a gold crown still was his,
his mistress dressed in black.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the nation…

Apart from steamy L A news,
it’s blazing in the south.
The Midwest’s buried by the rains
and flooded river mouths.

And though Dean spared the Texas coast,
there’re more where he came from
with deadly winds that pack a punch
to blow us kingdom come.

The Weather Channel spells it out.
But weather does us in.
Dear Lord, please calm the summer storms
and cool us down. Amen.