Remembering Princess Di and Mother T

Calculating the wages of fame (and faith) a decade later;
Unearthing Mother Teresa

August 31st.
The paparazzi’s thirst.
The people’s princess
raced for freedom.
Tunnel vision won.

A decade has gone by
since Lady Spencer died.
Still Will and Harry
(and their father)
grieve as no one knows.

And lessons yet remain
for those beset by fame.
The rich and famous
are the diet
of a hungry press.

Yes, fame can be a blight.
It robs you of your rights.
And renders you
a well-dressed prisoner
wishing you were free

Unearthing Mother Teresa

And now a decade later
they’re unearthing Mother T
Some say the sainted nun was less
than she appeared to be.

They say her reservoir of faith
was leaky… filled with holes.
That she confessed to what is called
the dark night of the soul.

But those who doubt her virtue
do not fully understand
that doubting fertilizes faith
as only questions can.

The saints of old were not immune
from times when God seemed mute.
Their badge of faith was inner angst,
an ash heap and some soot.

What’s telling about Mother T
is how she carried on.
In spite of doubt she didn’t quit
until her life was done.