Memory Challenged or Recall Prone?

A look at Chinese toymakers and the Summer Olympics

Dementia’s epidemic.
Alzheimer’s on the rise.
But we’re not memory challenged.
Just look at toys mom buys.

There’s recall all around us
and we dare not forget
that what is made in China
is not the safest bet.

It’s time we voiced our anger
and let young parents shout,
“There’s lead in paint you’re using.
Please stop. Get the lead out.”

But paint aint just the issue.
A pattern of deceit
is what is most disturbing.
When what thought pure’s a cheat.

Come summer, all the nations
will make Beijing their home
as athletes eyeing medals
exert themselves and groan.

But let the nations question
if China will play fair.
Their reputation’s sullied
with recalls in the air.

Those Chinese track and fieldsters
who have Olympic dreams
are surely to be tested
by judges rendered mean.

Let’s hope no toxic levels
will cause China to blush.
Let’s hope they’ve learned a lesson
with plastic toys (and plush).