The Marathon to the White House

The exhausting impact of this presidential race

The race for the White House is wearing me out.
It’s longer than races should be.
I’m losing my interest. Quite honest, I’m bored.
I hate what it’s doing to me.

Each morning Tim Russert (with white board in hand)
points out where each runner is now.
It seems they’ve been running for thirty-six months.
No wonder there’s sweat on their brow.

And they will keep sprinting for several weeks more
before some drop out or slow down.
Are these guys on steroids? on Red Bull? Caffeine?
Cross-country they race town to town.

These marathon runners just stop to debate
and then they return to their pace.
I guess their endurance is better than mine.
I’m sick and I’m tired of this race.

Campaigning’s a pain in the… Well, you know where.
But can we expect it to change?
Not likely. You kidding? This wild goose chase
is what some (I gander) want. Strange!