With Thanks for Thanksgiving

What makes this holiday my favorite

A feathered beast. A family feast.
Some football and some pie.
Thanksgiving is MY holiday
and here are reasons why.

It is the day I’m free to pray
at church OR City Hall.
The need to show God gratitude
seems natural to all.

My wife’s great food. My brother’s brood.
And time to just relax.
This priceless day is one fine gift
my Uncle Sam can’t tax.

A lazy walk around the block.
A nap when I feel tired.
A game of Scrabble (Skipbo too)
and popcorn by the fire.

Simplicity (it seems to me)
describes this holiday.
No gifts to buy (or to return).
No customs to obey.

This day of thanks with beans and franks
would still be just as great.
What makes Thanksgiving what I love
is more than what I ate.