The Obama and Oprah Show

Is this a winning team?

Barack Obama’s mama
went to Mercer Island High
She married,raised her baby
and then much too young she died.

No, she didn’t have an inkling
just how far her son would go
running for the Oval Office
with a woman as his foe.

And while missing the first lady
who embraced and kissed his face,
he maintains his stride and focus
in the presidential race.

But because his mother left him
all alone to seek his dreams,
Barack kind of hopes that Oprah
will provide him with the means
to outdistance Mrs. Clinton
in Des Moines and then beyond.
He is hoping that this sister
will support him like a mom.

Will her entourage soon follow?
Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil?
Maybe Gayle will soon join Oprah.
What the heck, she probably will.

When you ask for help,
Ms. Winfrey doesn’t do her thing half way.
She puts all her weight behind you.
And that’s quite a lot these days.

Hey just maybe something’s brewing
that Obama views as fate?
Do you think he’ll ask Ms. Winfrey
to become his running mate?

A Postscript:

O come Oprah’s faithful
hopefully triumphant
O come to the caucuses
and vote for Barack.
Such is Obama’s strategy for victory.
His growing throng conceives it.
Let’s see if he achieves it.
There are those who believe it
is possible