Retirement Boomer-Style

What to expect now that Baby Boomers are collecting Social Security

The pig in the python continues to move.
Retiring Boomers have found a new groove.
Much like the allowance our parents once gave,
our Uncle’s now sending us checks.

Retirement? Really? Can we be that old?
Our hair may be silver. Our teeth may be gold.
But unlike our parents, when they were our age,
at sixty-two we are still young.

No early bird dining. No bingo or golf.
We are not contented to veg or goof off.
What some call retire is really retread.
Our journey through life’s far from done.

Significance matters far more than success.
Retirement means we’ve more time to invest
in volunteer service like feeding the poor
or tutoring kids after school.

Investing involves way much more than just bucks.
It’s giving ourselves lest retirement sucks.
Involved in a campaign or church mission trip,
what’s meaningful trumps routine play.

Retiring Boomers are wanting true wealth.
We know it is found serving others not self.
With compounding interest in spending time well,
we know what’s the true bottom line.