The Perfect Patriots?

Think again!

The Brady Bunch known as the Pats
has been impressive. Note their stats.
The GQ QB and his team
collected 16 wins.

Perfection? Well, that’s not quite true.
Tom Brady’s morals are askew.
He isn’t what you’d want your son
to grow up being like.

His girlfriend had a baby boy.
Was Bridget but Tom’s bedtime toy?
He ditched her for another dame
before his child was born.

And Belichick’s been known to cheat.
He broke the rules so he could beat
the other teams he must upend
to reach the Super Bowl.

And though the coach has paid a fine,
a shadow on the scrimmage line
can’t be dispelled. Trust has been benched.
Integrity has too.

Perfection? No, it isn’t so.
New England has a ways to go.
To win at football means far less
than doing what is right.But lest we be too quick to chide,we’d best examine what we hide.The innocence of which we boastis less than we profess.
 That’s why we had a Christmastime.The verses of our lives don’t rhyme.God knew we’d never reach our goal.That’s why He sent us Christ.