Life is Precious

A poem for Sanctity of Life Sunday;
Respecting the Mystery of Life

Life is precious, sacred, blest
from the womb to final rest.
God is in a child’s first breath
or a grandpa facing death.

Special needs autistic son.
Crippled daughter who can’t run.
Those impaired in speech or sight.
Those whose hearing isn’t right.

Those who can’t recall their name.
Those with damage to their brain.
Those in prison, addicts too.
Those who think their options few.

Each life matters. Each has worth.
Everyone on “God’s green earth.” *
Life is precious, sacred, blest
from the womb to final rest

*With gratitude to my friend Michael Medved for use of his trademark phrase that calls to mind the beautiful planet our loving Creator has allowed us to inhabit

Respecting the Mystery of Life
Why human cloning is wrong.

Another claim of cloning life?
It’s kindling for real moral strife.
Unethical is what it is.
Pretending we are God.

Who has the right to engineer
the mystery we all hold dear?
Are embryos a jigsaw piece
we play with ’til they fit?

Who cares if stem cells are procured
if lines of ethics are then blurred?
The ends don’t justify the means
where cloning is concerned.