He’s Not a Sheep-Clad Wolf

Barack Obama is a Christ-follower

Obama’s not bin Laden,
a Muslim or a spy.
Barack professes Christian faith
although his critics try

to make folks think he’s just a wolf
who wears lambskin and wool.
But check the facts. It’s all a lie.
His slanderers are fools.

And though I’m a Republican
and resonate with Mike,
Obama gives me cause for pause.
There’s something that I like.

Not so with screechy Hillary.
I just can’t stand her voice.
So if you are a Democrat,
I’m glad you have a choice.

Remembering a King and a President

This week we honored Martin King
recalling how he served
the poor, deprived and dispossessed
denied what they deserved.
We’re grateful, Lord, for patriots
who stand for what You will,
who dare to do whate’er it takes
to conquer culture’s ills.

And, Lord, we’re mindful of the fact
we’ve still a ways to go.
In forty years since Martin’s death,
our progress has been slow.
Please guide us, God, and bless our land
in spite of all its flaws.
Please lead our sitting President
and those who make our laws.

(the above can be sung to the tune of America the Beautiful)