Poetry in Motion / Dancing with Our Candidate

On Maya Angelou and the caucuses

Poetry in Motion
What Maya Angelou is blind to.

Hey Maya, why ya choosin Hill?
Is it because you’re friends with Bill?.
Your sister Oprah wants to know
why you don’t want her man.

A black man in the White House should
be what you’d want. (I’d think it would.)
And furthermore Obama rhymes
with more than Clinton does.

I know you read your poetry
when Bill was sworn in ’93,
when first Hill was the First Lady.
But now it’s Bama’s turn.

Barak deserves your deep dark voice.
So come on, Maya. Change your choice.
He’s poetry-in-motion, girl.
And handsome. Boy, oh boy.

Dancing with Our Candidate
Kicking up our caucusing heels.

A caucus can be raucous.
It’s cause we have a say.
We’ve each a voice to state our choice
and speak up for our way.

This is a time to cross the line
allowed to change our minds
when what we hear make it quite clear
that we had been quite blind.

The Stars and Stripes give us the right
to caucus and campaign
for candidates we think are great
in local schools and lanes.

Democracy means you and me
dare not ignore the chance
to make a case and then embrace
the one with whom we’ll dance.