A Wedding Toast to Katharine McPhee

Toasting an American Idol and her Greek-American husband

America idolizes you.
But Nicky loves you more.
Hey Kat, I know our loving God
has awesome plans in store.

Forget the things that Simon says.
Dismiss Dawg Randy’s bark.
And don’t let Paula doubt your worth.
Your star shines in the dark.

And so this prayer I offer you
now that you two are one.
May God our Father bless your lives
through Jesus Christ His Son.

And let His Spirit fill you both
with what it takes to love.
The kind of love that plays for keeps.
That’s what I’m speaking of.

We Greeks have several words for love.
Phileo means you’re friends.
There’s eros which is passion-prone.
But that is not the end.

Agape is the kind of love
that chooses to be kind.
It’s love that’s often undeserved.
The kind of love that’s blind.

Agape is the love of God
by which we are embraced
In spite of what we do or say,
we’re loved. Some call it grace.

Yes, Katharine and Mr. Nick,
I wish for you all three.
May all three loves be yours to share.
“Efcharisto poli!”

* Nick Cokas (who married Katharine McPhee on February 2, 2008) is a life-long friend of our family. Nick’s grandparents and my parents worked for a ministry among Greek-Americans forty years ago.