Death of Another Kind

The sad saga of Eliot Spitzer;
A Good Friday Lesson at St. Arbucks

Death of Another Kind
The sad saga of Eliot Spitzer

He stood for truth and decency.
New Yorkers sang his praise.
But Spitzer led a double life
that’s left us all amazed.

He cheated on his faithful wife
on Valentine’s Day Eve
(and with a prostitute no less).
It makes me want to heave.

Yes, Eliot’s an idiot.
He needlessly got screwed.
He got the outcome he deserved
for lawless acts quite lewd.

He joins a cast of other jerks
who gave in to their lust
and in the process lost their jobs,
and all their loved ones’ trust.

Perhaps we don’t appreciate
the power lust can wield.
When we don’t realize its pull,
our doom can well be sealed.

A Good Friday Lesson at St. Arbucks
How a Tacoma barista showed Christ’s love

Baristas are a giving breed.
They look for ways to meet a need.
Most slake our thirst for coffee drinks.
But Sandie did much more.

She gave the gift of life to one
whose transplant hopes were slim to none.
And when reporters asked her why,
she smiled and said, “Why not?”

St. Arbucks proudly claims Sandie
who gave her kidney selflessly
to save this “short drip double-cup”
because she was her type.

Baristas come. Baristas go.
And yet it’s clear, I hope you know,
that there’s a Christ-like show of love
in what this woman did.

She took a risk and shed her blood
(more precious than a cup of mud).
She bore her cross in surgery
and put another first.

On March 11, 2008 barista Sandie Andersen was wheeled into surgery to give one of her kidneys to Annamarie Ausnes, one of her regular customers at a Tacoma Washington Starbucks, who needed a new kidney to survive.