Easter Jazz

A timeless tune with a new twist;
Easter in Disguise

Easter Jazz
A timeless tune with a new twist

A blue note heard on Friday
had been coaxed from sorrow’s horn.
Clarinets, trumpets and saxes
moaned in time ’til Sunday morn.

And then (oh my) such music!
With the sunrise (saints alive!)
there were flutes, French horns and cellos
making melodies that jibed.

Add some trombones. Cue the tubas,
violins, guitars and drums.
There was all that jazz (and then some)
praising God for Kingdom come.

Women mourning started dancing
to the herd of thundering notes
as the Prince of Joy (now risen)
donned His resurrection coat.

O my Lord, it was some morning.
Bourbon Street could ne’er compare
to the music born that Easter
and the song that filled the air.

Easter in Disguise
The Son’s victory is revealed in Mother Nature

Disaster loomed. The end seemed sure.
The Lord of life was dead.
Good Friday was a bad nightmare.
The robins chirped their dread.

But like the boy who plugged the dike
to keep a flood at bay,
the Son of God stood up to death
on resurrection day.

An empty grave means we don’t mourn
as those who have no hope.
What Jesus did so long ago
gives us the means to cope.

The nature of this mystery
breaks forth from neath the ground.
Creation’s rhythm witnesses
to truth Christ’s followers found.

The tulips soon will lift their heads
to trumpet Easter’s song.
The bulbs we buried in the earth
still live though they seem gone.

In Mother Nature, winter’s grief
gives way to joyful spring.
It’s Easter’s message in disguise.
No wonder millions sing…

“Christ the Lord is risen today!