Where in the World is God?

Who really cares about Matt Lauer’s Whereabouts?;
Declaring Our Common Trust in God

Where in the World is God?
Who really cares about Matt Lauer’s whereabouts?

While millions wonder
where Matt Lauer’s broadcasting today,
I’d dare say several million more
are asking as they pray…

“Where in the world are You my God?
Have you forsaken me?
I feel abandoned, lost, alone.
Adrift on some dark sea.

“I feel like You don’t hear the prayers
I’ve launched from hopeful lips.
My anguished heart is overwhelmed.
My faith has lost its grip.

The calendar reminds me
that today’s the Day of Prayer.
But frankly, Lord, I cannot pray.
I feel that You don’t care.”

And so dear Lord for these who think
You’re anywhere but near,
I’m asking that You offer clues
that indicate You’re here.

Break through the fog and help them know
(in spite of how they feel)
that You hear every prayer they pray
and have the power to heal.

That You, though sometimes silent,
have a plan You’re working out.
A plan that’s not upended
when our trust gives way to doubt.

Declaring Our Common Trust in God
Poetic reflections on the National Day of Prayer

In stone cathedrals, synagogues,
in parks and city squares,
we gather as Americans
to offer God our prayers.

Beneath stained windows or a star
or neath the midday sun,
we native-born and immigrants
approach the Holy One.

In silence or with halting words
we own our private sin
and then request that God would bless
our country once again.

A day of prayer just like our coins
declares “in God we trust.”
A holy God whose character
is merciful yet just.

A God who will not turn blind eyes
to sinful, selfish ways.
But though He knows our wicked hearts,
He hears the one who prays.