With Gratitude for Mother-like Love

A hymn for Mother’s Day;
Baby Talk

With Gratitude for Mother-like Love
A hymn for Mothers’ Day

Our Father God, we thank You for our mothers
who cradled us when we were small and weak.
Then as we grew, they clothed us with compassion.
They coaxed first steps and coached us how to speak.
Protecting us from “monsters in our closets,”
they sang us lullabies to help us sleep.

Our Father God, we thank You for our mothers
who cooked our meals and baked our birthday cakes.
Who read us stories, helped us with our homework,
becoming nurses when our bodies ached.
They put our wants before the things they needed,
consoling us when lovesick hearts would break.

Our Father God, You are just like a mother.
With caring arms you slake our thirst for love.
You pick us up when failures leave us fallen.
You hold us close when bullies push and shove.
You wipe away the tears that stain our faces.
You are the perfect parent we dream of.

Our Father God, there is no other mother
who can compare with all the love You give.
Your mother’s heart envelopes us as children.
Your grace and mercy give us strength to live.
With tenderness, You welcome our confession
and give assurance that You do forgive.

Baby Talk
Candid questions for a newborn.

Do you know the world you’ve entered
is a planet scarred by war?
Do you have the slightest notion
how much blood’s been spilled before?
Precious one, would it surprise you
if I told you what’s ahead
will be difficult and lonely,
marked by pain until your dead?
Nonetheless my little child,
will you trust me when I say
that it’s worth the grief you’ll suffer
to embrace what comes your way?
Will you comprehend your trials
only come to make you strong?
Will you seek to do the right thing
but then learn from times you’re wrong?
As you sleep upon my shoulder
what sweet dreams now fill your mind?
Are you dreaming of the fun we’ll
have when you are eight or nine?
Can you picture playing baseball,
soccer games or ballet tights?
In your dreams are you just average
or (unlike me) very bright?
What’s the path you’ll one day journey?
To which jobs will you be drawn?
As you think about tomorrow,
what life goals will turn you on?
Can you feel me stroke your fingers
and plant kisses on your cheek?
Do you hear the Father’s whispers
in the gentle words I speak?
Will I live to see your children?
Will you love me when I’m old.
Could it be there’ll come a day when
you and I will reverse roles?
Who’s to say my precious bundle?
Who can tell what years will bring?
But for now my little darling
will you listen as I sing?
“My child you’re cherished. Relax in my arms.
I pledge to protect you from danger and harm.
I’m awed by the wonder of your tiny frame
and wowed by the privilege to give you my name.”

(The last four lines of this poem can be sung as a lullaby
to the tune of “Away in a Manger”)