Remembering Bobby

The aftermath of RFK’s death is still before us 40 years later

In June of 1968
an Arab zealot filled with hate
destroyed a young man’s White House dreams
and ended his brief life.

In disbelief our nation cried.
First Martin and then Bobby died.
With King and Kennedy gunned down,
we staggered hero-less.

The bloodshed of a dreaded war
had now become our homeland’s horror.
In Memphis and in warm LA,
the chill of death brought fear.

Fast-forward to this current year.
Four decades later there’s still fear
within another Kennedy
who’s fighting for his life.

A black man and his White House dreams
has triggered fears that millions deem
are based in inexperience
and questionable faith.

And then there is the current war
dividing us from shore to shore.
Some fear this war will never end
and some we’ll quit too soon.

Yes, fear lives on in different clothes.
There’s nothing new. That’s how it goes.
But fear unchallenged fuels our hate
and robs us of God’s peace.