Crying Uncle Over Gas Prices

Calling on Uncle Same to do something;
Water, Water Everywhere

Crying Uncle Over Gas Prices
Calling on Uncle Sam to do something.

Where’s Jed Clampett when you need him?
I am craving Texas tea.
Jed could pump black gold like water
when his fuel gauge was on E.

But when my gauge points toward empty,
tears of grief roll toward my chin
Swiping VISA through the gas pump
means I’ll lose a small fortune.

Amputation is upon us.
Fill-ups cost an arm and leg.
Limb to limb the Saudis tear us
forcing us to crawl and beg.

I give up. I’m crying uncle.
Uncle Sam, do something quick.
Find a way to lower fuel costs
Five buck gallons make me sick.

Water, Water Everywhere
Gas prices aren’t the only thing rising.

Water, water everywhere.
Cross your fingers. Say a prayer.
Pray the rivers soon recede
and that the forecast’s dry.

Water, water everywhere.
While this kind of flooding’s rare,
priceless treasures have been lost
and precious lives displaced.

Water, water everywhere.
Here’s a chance to serve and share.
Seek out those with broken hearts
and weep with those who mourn.

Water, water everywhere.
Find some way to show you care.
Help a neighbor. Be a friend
and show the love of Christ.