A Fathers’ Day Wish

One dad’s dream for his three daughters;
A tribute to Tim Russert

A Fathers’ Day Wish
One dad’s dreams for his three daughters.

I wish for you a life that’s marked
by laughter, joy and love.
A life that corresponds to what
you’ve long been dreaming of.

I wish for you a thirst for God
that won’t be ever slaked.
May hungering for what He wants
guide every choice you make.

I wish for you both roots and wings
when it comes time to leave.
Take pride in who your family is
but go… explore… achieve.

I wish for you the kind of job
that prompts your heart to sing.
Where what you do (not what you make)
is really everything.

I wish for you contentment, too.
Don’t strive for just more stuff.
Learn how to say “I could, but won’t”
and when to say “Enough!”

I wish for you (if God should will)
a mate who’s your best friend.
A partner who will keep love’s vows
until (through death) they end.

I wish for you (if God permits)
the chance to parent kids.
For in that role you’ll understand
the whys in what I did.

I wish you opportunities
to learn another’s plight,
so that you’re less inclined to judge
a view you think’s not right.

I wish for you sufficient pain
to cause your faith to grow.
You’ll find in times of suffering
“I hope” becomes “I know.”

I wish for you a grateful heart
aware of your true wealth.
The greatest riches in the world
are family, friends and health.

I wish for you the means to say
“I know my dad loves me.”
For there could be no truer truth.
I’m proud as proud can be.

Remembering Tim Russert
A friend of popes and presidents.

The one who hosted “Meet the Press”
has met his Maker and I’d guess
that he is wishing he had known
today would be his last
Tim Russert would have said goodbye
to those he loved who wonder why
a caring son and most-proud dad
would suddenly be gone.
Because he was on NBC,
I thought of Tim like family.
I never met him, but I liked
the way he loved his job.
This friend of popes and presidents
claimed faith in Christ and had the sense
to practice what he learned in church
among his friends at work.
His politics were left of mine,
but were instructive of our time.
This white-board pundit will be missed
in this election year.